email marketing

Connect, engage and convert your customers with email marketing

How do we do it?

Segment your audience

Not everyone is at the same place at the same time. Segment your audience by their interests, locations, purchases and more.

Build automations

Marketing doesn’t have to be all manual work. Emails can do the work for you without your being involved at all. Set up emails to hit your audience segments right when they need it – easily.

Integrate your website

Set up your website to grow your email list with pop-ups or newsletter sign ups. We can help! Whether you are service or e-commerce, there are plenty of options for email service providers to use.

Create Lead Magnets

Not sure why someone would sign up for your email list? We can help you find converting lead generators or magnets. We can also help you build them! Making it easy for you to grow your list and valuable for your customers to sign up.

A/B Testing

Your audience has their preferences and your industry might too. We can help you figure out what works best for your particular audience list with A/B testing for emails. Test out personalization options, subject lines and more.

Analyze the data

We can help you look at your email marketing data and figure out where to go next. Not sure what measurements are important or what your industry averages are for open rates, click through rates or conversions? Let us help you find out.

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